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Production solutions

Meeting your requirements

SkillCell production

Meeting your requirements

SkillCell production

Designed for large-scale dissemination

SkillCell has developed production processes and tools designed to meet the requirements of SkillCell tests and target a wide range of markets: 

  • Small to large volumes;
  • Low production costs;
  • Flexible tools.

SkillCell tests can be produced efficiently in limited amounts using off-the-shelf microfluidic tools for small production volumes. For higher volumes and increased productivity and competitiveness, SkillCell has developed an all-in-one production solution. Both solutions can easily be transferred to SkillCell partner production facilities.

SkillCell is committed to maintaining low production costs and has therefore developed a highly automated all-in-one production solution. This solution allows simple, optimized and cost-effective production, that has only a few steps:

  • Supplying the machine with the appropriate components;
  • Selecting the program;
  • Starting production.

SkillCell designed its production processes and tools so that they have maximum flexibility, can achieve specific production targets, and can be used to produce several SkillCell tests if required. In particular, the all-in-one production solution includes an integrated Human-Machine interface that allows users to monitor every parameter of ongoing production.

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