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EasyCOV: Covid-19 salivary rapid molecular test

No lab required

EasyCOV : Test de dépistage salivaire du Covid-19

No lab required

EasyCOV : Test de dépistage salivaire du Covid-19

SkillCell and Sys2Diag/CNRS leveraged their technological expertise and deployed exceptional resources to develop EasyCOV, a particularly relevant test in the fight against Covid-19 outbreak:

  • Detection of the virus in saliva, a major vector in the spread of this virus
  • Easy to use – No lab required
  • Results within 1 hour
  • Easy to interpret: color change

EasyCOV is particularly adapted to support efficient reopening strategies.

EasyCOV performance validation study started at Montpellier teaching hospital on April 11th 2020.


Engaged to fight Covid-19 outbreak

In the current context of the global Covid-19 pandemic, SKILLCELL and SYS2DIAG/CNRS transformed their rapid diagnostic tests expertise and know-how to develop EasyCOV, a rapid and easy to use molecular saliva-based screening test for Covid-19. Saliva is a major vector in the spread of Covid-19 virus. Furthermore, as shown in several top-notch scientific studies, saliva allows an efficient detection of the virus in addition of a non-invasive and secured sample collection.

EasyCOV has been clinically validated. It confirmed a highly satisfactory performance in terms of specificity and sensitivity.

EasyCOV, how to use and detect Covid-19

EasyCOV test is easy to use, requires no lab and provides rapid results:

  • Collect the saliva sample with the provided device
  • Place the sample collection in the first small tube containing specific chemical reagents – place it at 65°c
  • Transfer a small volume of the first tube to the second one with the provided device and place it at 65°c
  • Add the final provided solution with the appropriate device
  • Read the colorimetric output:
    • Yellow : the test is positive for Covid-19
    • Orange : the test is negative for Covid-19

The test is completed in less than 1 hour.

EasyCov fast-acting saliva-based screening test for Covid-19
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