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Game-changing company

Ambition: enable informed decisions

SkillCell in action

Ambition: enable informed decisions

SkillCell in action

SkillCell is changing the biochemical analysis paradigm, placing ease of use at the center of its vision: anyone can use the tests, wherever they choose, whenever they want. Founded in 2017 in Guadeloupe, SkillCell is located in Jarry (Guadeloupe), Paris, and Montpellier (France). SkillCell brings together brilliant scientific experts and experienced industrials to allow the largest number to benefit from these game-changing tests: we aim to offer new perspectives and additional transparency, providing clear answers to diverse and complex questions.

With a first CE-marked Rapid Diagnostic Test in the healthcare prevention area, and a permanent innovation policy, the next SkillCell product is to detect glyphosate thresholds in food, and further mosquito-species specific egg tests to better control their impact on people’s environment and health.

Furthermore, SkillCell is making its technology available to industrial partners and third parties and proposes to develop products based on customer specifications.

Our ambition: enable informed decisions

Our modern world is entering a new era in which people need to trust and rely on clear information about their health, food & environment. They want to base their decisions on:

  • Full respect for the environment
  • Full transparency
  • Affordable solutions
  • Powerful and meaningful new technologies

To meet these challenges, SkillCell has imagined and developed a game-changing test concept to contribute to building a better world. We want to improve users’ everyday lives, activities, surroundings, etc. by providing reliable answers, new choices and new opportunities. Our purpose is to get the best out of powerful new technology with a clear motive: to enable informed decisions.

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